Permaculture Workshops

• Food As Medicine • Wise Water Stewardship • Ecological & Natural Building • Village & Human Settlements • Organic Cultivation & Gardening • Personal Leadership & Vision Development • Renewable Energy & Appropriate Technology • Generative Food Forests & Ecosystems Management • Non-Violent Communication & Individual & Group Living Skills • Permaculture Certification: Ecological awareness, ethics, principles. Read More.

Permaculture School: Design Ecology & Living Skills

Permaculture School is a yearlong learning journey with a 3-month residency near Asheville, NC at Earthaven Ecovillage. Dive deep into gaining skills and knowledge in Design Systems & Projects + Organic Cultivation + Generative Foodsheds + Food As Medicine + Herbal Medicine & Botany + Natural Building + Renewable Energy + Wise Water Practices + Personal Growth & Communication + Vision & Career Development. Registration for 2017 coming soon - click for details.

Permaculture Design Course

[100 hours] Gain experience in systems-thinking and ethics-based approaches to observing, integrating, and creating thriving, bio-diverse environments for people, place and planet. You will learn about ethics, principles, observation, patterns, zones, sectors, micro-climates, site assessment and analysis, mapping and presentation and more. Upon completion of this two week intensive you will gain your Permaculture Design Certificate.