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In today’s world, we grow edible plants so we can eat healthier, but very few people think of growing plants to dye with. There has been some evidence that the commercial products used to make vibrant colors in our clothes can be just as dangerous as the commercial chemicals used in growing our food. The solution? Growing your own dyes!

Plant dyeing was once the only source of dye available and used for anything from paint and makeup to fabric coloring. Not everyone is aware, but an abundance of natural sources of dye come from plants, many of which we grow in our own gardens.

Photo of Pokeweed from Gardening Know How

History of Dye Plants in Gardens

While the art of creating dyes from plants isn’t as commonplace as it once was, it can still be a fun and rewarding activity for gardeners and children alike, especially when used as a teaching tool in the garden. For instance, did you know most plants have histories dating back centuries or longer?

Want to know more? Read the full article here.

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