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Permaculture is a whole systems approach to designing and building human settlements that restore, protect, and beautify the places where we live, work and play. Sounds great, right? The current 72-hour Permaculture Design curriculum gives students a wealth of information and some hands on projects that have changed many lives for the better. However, many people come out of the course feeling like they have shifted paradigms, but don’t know how to ground it, or even what next step to take. Permaculture School is designed to teach budding professionals, students, and others how to design their lives, landscapes and buildings to create positive ecological pathways.

There is no more waiting. We must act in accordance with what we know to be true. Understanding the language of nature and dedicating our lives to creating systems that will endure, restore, and regenerate a living future for all life on this planet is the invitation of our lives!

If you are someone who wants to develop your own permaculture project, clarify your vision, make a plan, and move forward in accomplishing this within a framework of accountability, we welcome you to apply. Please visit to learn more. Some partial work trade opportunities are available.

Limited seats –> Until December 31st, save $1200! Contact us today.

Are you a connected permie? Interested in sharing Permaculture School with your PDC grads, college students, master gardeners? Be in touch….we’re offering discounts for your peeps! Contact us:

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