Dates: Various in Summer 2017. See below.
Earthaven Ecovillage near Asheville, NC

Permaculture School Workshops

With the exception of the Permaculture Design Course, all workshops are 3.5 days, Monday – Wednesday, 10am-5pm + Thursday 10a-1pm.

(Certified) Permaculture Design Course / PDC  May 24 – June 11, 2017
[100 hour] Gain experience in systems-thinking and ethics-based approaches to observing, integrating, and creating thriving, bio-diverse environments for people, place and planet. Learn about ethics, principles, observation, patterns, zones, sectors, micro-climates, site assessment and analysis, mapping and presenting — all as strategies for creating landscape design that enhances the long-term resilience, beauty, and engagement with ecosystems. Upon completion, receive your Permaculture Design Certificate. For all details and to register, please visit the Permaculture Design Course page.

2017 Workshop dates coming soon.

Permaculture School - Food As MedicineFood As Medicine Workshop [21 hours] Learn how to preserve and enhance the harvest, add value to food, make delicious goodies, and skill up in hands-on whole food practices. Projects include vegetable ferments, mead, wine, kombucha, wild greens pesto, mushroom and wild food walks. Learn the basics of wild plant identification and harvesting, local medicinal herbs in the landscape, harvesting and drying techniques, and making herbal medicinal teas.

Permaculture School - Organic CultivationOrganic Gardening Workshop [21 hours] Learn how to cultivate food and generate living systems as a foundational part of sustaining health, well-being, and life on our planet. Gain knowledge about gardening and food production strategies including crop planning and planting, soil ecology, fertility and nutrient flow, vegetable, worm and humanure compost systems, mulching and cover cropping, pest & disease management, mushroom cultivation, and the importance of pollinators.

Permaculture School - Village & Human SetsVillage & Human Settlements Workshop [21 hours] Learn about different models of ecovillages and Transition Towns. Explore a variety of governance, communication, and facilitation systems. Understand more about how sustainable economics and currency systems work, and alternates to the dominant paradigm. Engage with emerging social and community networks as models for creating a resilient future.


Permaculture School - Wise WaterWise Water Stewardship Workshop [21 hours] You will gain a deeper understanding of this integral part of ecological design and land management. You will learn about how to design on contour with swales, berms, keyline, and terraces. You will gain insight into rainwater catchment and use, stormwater best management, and water conservation practices. You will understand how irrigation, greywater, blackwater, ponds and dams work in a landscape.

Permaculture School - Gen Food ForestsGenerative Food Forests & Ecosystems Management Workshop
[21 hours] Learn about integrated agricultural systems that focus on natural succession, carbon farming (Biochar), and climate resilience. Including land and forest management, agroforestry, milpas, polycultures, plant guilds, perennial plants and propagation, pest and disease management, integrated animal systems for healthy soil, bio- and myco-remediation, and fruit and nut tree tending and grafting.

Permaculture School - Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy & Appropriate Technology Workshop [21 hours] Learn how to address local and global climate issues by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating necessary transition steps toward a healthier future for life on this planet. Receive an introduction to solar, hydro, bio-gas, wind, and passive solar design, discover how these systems fit into integrated infrastructure design. Other topics include energy evaluation & efficiency, retrofits, greenhouse gas emissions measurement and mitigation.

Permaculture School - Eco BuildingEcological & Natural Building Workshop
[21 hours] Gain insight in designing efficient buildings using ecological materials, passive solar techniques, appropriate site selection, and basics of structural integrity. Engage in hands-on natural building methodologies using clay, sand, straw, bamboo, and other affordable materials. Expect introductory-level instruction into natural wall systems and earthen finishes, which will leave you with the basic knowledge to continue learning how to create structures that are beautiful, functional, and place-based.

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You have 3 fee options, ranging from $564-$705:
Option 1) $564: Register with a friend & you will both receive a 20% discount.
Option 2) $635: If you are local* &/or can help spread the word, receive a 10% discount.
Option 3) $705: This is the full cost of the workshop without any discount.
If you prefer to pay by check, see details below.

3 Fee Options: (Prices includes 2.9% processing fee)

*Indicate which workshop you are registering for in the Special Instructions section of the Paypal form.

Worktrade: Some exchange positions are available. Email for details.

Locals discount*: If you are local (have lived in Buncombe or a neighboring county for more than six months), email and she will give you the 10% discount code. #ashevillelocal #communitydeal #permies

Please note: The fee includes tuition and all materials. Transportation, meals, and lodging are not included. If you are seeking financial assistance for your attendance, please visit our Participant Fundraising resource page for tips.

Food & Lodging

On site lodging & some meals are available.** [Please note: All food & lodging fees are to be paid separately from tuition. See below for instructions.]

$12 for a delicious, hearty, organic lunch (MondayThursday) = $48 total. Inquire about other meals being offered. More details about the food & meals.

$15/night for tent camping in the forested Earthaven campground is your primary housing option. The campground provides clean drinking water, a covered outdoor kitchen, and an outhouse with composting toilet and hand wash station. A flush toilet is available in the nearby Council Hall. Showers are solar.

Earthaven is off-grid, deriving electricity from solar panels and a small hydropower station. Water comes from springs and wells. Internet access is minimal so please don’t anticipate using it much. There is no cell phone reception. A landline is available for short or emergency calls. Amenities at Earthaven are a mix of both refined and more primitive — a perfect place to experience the firsthand life of a permaculture-inspired community and new ways of living in society.

** Please note: payment for lodging & meals can happen later, after your registration payment for tuition.


Registration is first come, first served. Your place in the program will not be reserved until your tuition payment is complete. To register, follow these steps.

1. Reserve your spot. Write a check for the tuition amount only (food & lodging is paid separately) to: “Permaculture School,” Attn: Workshops, 80 Buchanan Ave, Asheville, NC 28801. You must include your name, email, phone number, and memo “Name of Workshop” with your payment.

2. To pay online. If you prefer to pay with a credit card online, a 2.9% service fee will be added. Click to complete your payment*:
*Indicate which workshop you are registering for in the Special Instructions section of the Paypal form.

3 Fee Options: (Prices includes 2.9% processing fee)

3. To pay for food & lodging. Write your check for food & lodging fees (no tuition) to: SOIL, Attn: Workshops, 11 Full Circle Trail, Black Mountain, NC 28711. You must include your name, email, phone number, and memo “Name of Workshop” with your payment. **School of Integrated Living (SOIL) is our sister organization at Earthaven who will be providing amenities.

4. All payments are non-refundable. All deposits, payments, and payment installments are 100% non-refundable. If you must cancel, you may offer your seat to someone of your choosing, as long as you inform us with their name and contact info in advance. If Ashevillage cancels your program for any reason whatsoever, 100% of your fee will be returned to you.

5. Confirmation. NikiAnne will confirm the receipt of your payment upon its arrival. If you would like to contact her before you send your payment for any reason whatsoever, please email her at


Bekah Havrilla, Programs and Outreach Manager