Village Builders Workshop | August 13-14, 2016 | at Earthaven

How to Ignite Deep Nature Connection & Culture Repair in
Every Neighborhood Around the World 

Why Village Building?

Like a tree, a village has to send a taproot deep into the earth to flourish. It all starts with a seed when tended and watered can grow something as mighty as the giant sequoia.In our collective history the knowledge of how to tend the village and nurture that tap root was something that was lore passed from generation to generation through the act of living in the village. We “swam” in the waters of the village and the knowledge of how to tend it came with our connection each other, to the land, and our spiritual roots.

Today we find ourselves without the ancestral knowledge of what to do to create that thriving home. So many of us today feel the pull of the village, like wandering teenagers who suddenly find themselves longing for the hearth to sit by and the generosity of hearts that have loved us from our birth.

Fortunately for us, that old knowledge lies deep within us, and we have only to embark on a journey to remembering our deep core to find that same knowledge.


This workshop will include:

  1. Village Builders Quick Start Guide ~ explore a “quick start guide” to community, outlining easy first steps to begin the process of people gathering together in fun and easy ways.
  2. Core Routines of Village Building ~ learn basic practices to integrate into community that will deepen and advance the connections that we all share.
  3. Initiation and Advanced Village Building ~ Bring awareness to things that we do every day that with consciousness and intentionality can be used to facilitate deeper understandings of the grief, both from our life experience, and from deeper ancestral wounds.
  4. Healing Grief Through Community Building ~ Explore initiation into the village, or the village mindset.  We die to something when we go through a rite of passage, and with some discussion and intentionality we will look at how that death can open ways for us to be reborn into the village consciousness and to begin to let go of ideologies that can limit our ability to grow our own consciousness and the consciousness of the village.

Presented by our friends at School of Integrated Living.
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