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A little permaculture humor! On a more serious note:

12 Things to do as a Permaculture Designer

Here’s a list of 12 things to do after a Permaculture Design Certification Course. [Via Geoff Lawton of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, and Christian Shearer of the Panya Project.]
1. Discover. What’s happening around you that you can learn from and collaborate on.
2. Find your niche. Notice what turns you on and deepen your learning in this area.
3. Design. Offer to practice on projects in your community. Ask for feedback.
4. Volunteer. Use your hands to gain skills while building real projects.
5. Apprentice. Offer to help an experienced designer on their projects.
6. Observe. Visit and learn from other exemplary permaculture sites.
7. Deepen. Participate in another PDC and/or focused workshop.
8. Advance. Get your Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design.
9. Inspire. Share success stories with your community.
10. Launch. Create a permaculture-inspired enterprise.
11. Host. Invite an experienced teacher to your area.
12. Implement. Make it happen in your own backyard!!!

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